SriLanka President Sri Maithripala Sirisena invited AP CM Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu to the National event in Srilanka. It's a great Honor for all of us as this is the first time in history inviting one of the Cheif Minister in India as a Cheif Guest to the Srilanka country.Srilanka is going to celebrate its Second Anniversary celebrations of National Unity Government.


President of Srilanka will receive our CM as a special guest. Both of them will discuss on the present situations and after that they will attend the National Event. There the CM of AP will speak on the theme "PROSPERITY TO ALL". For this CM Chandrababu naidu is going to land there today.He will meet the media in the evening time and also indians who are living there as a non resedentials.


Srilanka President visited to Thirupathi along with his wife Jayanthi Pushpa Kumar last year. This brought a happy moments in the fans of CM Chandrababu naidu