Vishakha patanam: It seems there is very huge clash in vizag between pawan, jagan and babu. It is all regarding special status for ap. As we know huge and peaceful protest in merena beech for jallikattu which took place by tamilians. After this same agitation for ap’s special status have to be done in Andhra. This initiative was started in social media by Andhra youth. Like merena beech vijag beach was selected for that.


Power star pawan kalyan also  announced his support for that. Afterwards ap’s opposition leader ys jagan also given his support for that. And in another way Ap’s chief minister chandrababu naidu prestage matter of meeting with so many capitalist for partnership and collaboration will start from 27th. And on the 26th evening peaceful protest was planned. So huge clash may occur. But police are saying that nobody came to us to take the permission for that protest.