Nagpur: Yoga guru baba ramdev’s pathangali is coming into market with new idea. It has planned to bring its new brand jeans into market. Those are domestic jean pants. These will come in to market in starting of the next year. By keeping in mind that the youth is very crazy about the cloths and the popularity pathanjali did plan like this.


This news was created some tention in business field, particularly in cloth business. The target for this business was Rs. 50 lakh crores said baba ramdev in a program at Nagpur. This business expantion is not only in Indiabut into so many countries. In Pakistan, afganistan also branches are in plan. Already in Nepal, banglaedesh it has business points. At present the pathangali’s big business point is in haridhwar. But bigger than this is being constructed in Nagpur with one thousand crores of rupees, said baba ramdev.