Hyderabad: Mega brother nagababu said about his brother pawan kalyn’s future and his opinion. Pawan may works in cinemas and other things. Till end of this year. After that he will concentrate on 2019 elections, said nagababu. Pawan is a good human being. He has more affection on society even than family. He is a no comprimose, darefull person. If helps to anybody he don’t let anbody knows about it. He reads many things. Communism, capitalism all isms he red. So with all these qualities he could not be in a circle.


So he thought to do something to socity. In this process janasena came. Whether he in politics or not he keep on doing favour to society. As a common man for next election in Andhrapradesh I vote to pawan. Because I like his honest, dedication, character. And like me so many are there. I changes my name to andhrapradesh to vote for pawan. Iam ready to do favor and my services to pawan. Regarding he becoming as CM, I definitely likes it. As he is my brother why I do not like that. He replied when asked about whether he is wishing to see pawan as CM or not?