If a snake bites what one must do? First if it is possible one must try to identify whether it is poisonous or not. Or you can look at byte dots at which the snake had byte on our body. At that place if one or two dots are present then it must be a dangerous. That means the snake is poisonous. And if more than two dots are present then it is not dangerous. Then we can understand that the snake is poison less snake.



After the snake byte one must try to bring back the poison. With a syringe without a needle, by putting that on the spot where snake had the byte, have to try to get the poison in the body. If the blood is in black color then that is poison. Then it will be safe. By doing this two or there times we will have the chance to save the person.



After snake byte it travels towards heart. And from there it goes travels to all body parts. For this it tekes 3 hours. So within these three hours if do our best then we can be safe from snake byte. Actually snake saves 0.5ml to 2ml of poison in it’s special part of the body. Some medicines are also available in the hospital. For example NAGA-200 homeo medicine if we have by giving it to the patient one can recover speedily after snake byte.