Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is the former president of Iran was dead on Sunday because of suffering from severe Heartattack. Mr.Akbar Hashemi aged 82 was one of the great personalities who are reason for the foundation of the Islamic republic in 1979. He also elected as the president from 1989 to 1997. One of his relatives made a tweet on social media that Akbar Hashemi was admitted in the hospital because of heart attack. This is really a bad news for both reformists and moderates as Akbar played an important role in both camps.


Akbar was born on August 25,1934 in the village "NOUGH" in iran. He entered in to politics in 1963. After the end of Iran-Iraq fight Mr.Rafsanjani's Presidency took Iran to a new level with much development and relations with other countries. Mr.Rafsanjani played an important role in the election of Khatami. Mr.Rafsanjani is one of the top experts in Iran also known as supreme leader. Mr.Rafsanjani also elected as head of the influential committee for many years.