Ratnasiri wickremanayake was elected twice as a Prime Minister in srilanka. on tuesday he passed away because of severe illness.He was 83 years old and played many key roles in politics since 1970. According to his family words he was admmitted at hospital in december 21. It was wickremanayake who made Rajapaksha as the amin leader of the opposition party. He resigned as the leader of the main opposition party in order to make way for the Rajapaksha to become the leader of the  opposition.


The retirement of wickremanayake cleared the way for rajapaksha and he went on to become the President. Previously wickremanayake had succeded Sirimavo Bandaranaike. Sirimavo Bandaranaike has resigned at the age of 84. All the polititians payed their tribute to the death of Ratnasiri wickremanayake.