Hyderabad: Tollywood hero Manchu vishnu made sensational comments on India. As a part of promotional event of his latest movie Lakkunnodu he gave a interview to a new paper. In that He said that dividing the country as two parts would be better. He proclaimed his open full support to special status to Andhra Pradesh. He said that with peaceful agitation only we got independence and this was coming to remembrance with jallikattu agitation. By taking jallikattu agitation as inspiration we have to fight for special status. For that fight my full support will be there, said Vishnu.


Because of the south Indian states only Delhi government is coming. But we are not getting reasonable support from north side. So then what is the use to be together? Vishnu asked. So better to divide the country as two separate countries. And while talking about his movie lakkunnodu he said that producers had invested huge amount on me. So how producers will get benfit by putting this much of huge amount on me? He had satire on himself. He said heros must think as producers amount is their own amount, said Manchu Vishnu. But movie statements are over looking and comments made by him regarding country separation became popular. And how the reactions would be, let us wait and see….