New Delhi: Dangal girl zaira wasim who acted in the movie as young geeta phogat been in news from few days onwards. Her meeting with jammu kasmir cm mehbuba mufthi became controversial. Some were opposed her acting in dangal movie. And after zaira wasim’s meeting with kasmir cm mehbuba mufti said that Kashmiri young girls must take zaira wasim as inspirational. And after all 16 year old dangal girl asked for excuse in her fb, that too two times. So this whole incident became popular and been in the news.


So after this incident geeta phogat announced his support to zaira wasim. She said that the whole country is behind zaira. And so many are giving their support. Even ameer khan also given his support to her. Getta phogat said in a private event that she could understand the pain of the zaira wasim. And some people are not in a position to bear the success of the zaira wasim, said geeta phogat.