The name dhoni is well known to all in the country. As a captain, batsman, keeper he did a great job for the team. He got world cup for India. He has that much of huge fan following. In this way dhoni’s biopic today hit the screens.


While promoting the movie dhoni said that some unknown things about him will be in the movie. So like that one can find some new things in the movie. In dhoni’s role actor sushanth singh rajput acted very nicely.


Story : Dhoni’s childhood been so interesting. He born in a middle class family. He like to play football, badminton, tennis. But his teacher indentifies him that he shell shine in cricket. And encourages dhoni in cricket. But anupum kher in his father wants him to study and getting a good job. But mother, sister and friends encourages him to pursue cricket.


Then he tries and fails.. like this his journey goes on. In this process how he fulfilled for playing for team India. And what he did for that? How he got railway job and how he got into team India. And apart from these things love and marriage in his life.. All were shown in the movie.


While showing the movie director neeraj panday looks like he had some failure but he managed to satisfy the audions. In the story no new thing will appear. One can easily identify that director neeraj panday fully followed the dhoni’s saying. In the second part of the movie we can see dhoni’s love and marriage. And victories and getting world cup.


The whole story will rotates around dhoni only. In this process the director had put other legendary players aside. Dhoni’s love with priyanka was shown on the screen. But the IPL matches were not shown in the movie.



In dhoni’s character sushanth singh acted very nicely. And we can see that how much practice he did for this character. And as dhoni’s lovers priyanka(dhisa patani), another one sakshi singh with whom he got marriage were also acted very cutely. In dhoni’s father character anupamkher action was brilliant.