California: More than 3 lakh rupees came instead of pizza order in an incident. Selina from California one day wished to eat chicken pizza. So she ordered it. Then delivery boy brought that and given to him. But after she eagerly opened it to eat got shocked. She find 5 thousand dollars in it instead of pizza. That amount is equal to more than 3 lakh rupees in Indian currency.


So immediately she called to that particular pizza center and informed about the matter. So the amount is belongs to pizza center only. What was happened.. that domino pizza center owner draw the money from the bank. And after that he while putting the pizza in to the parcel packet he had put money that he brought instead.


So the pizza center had a thought of  doing favor to selina. Finally they decided to deliver pizza for one year at free of cost. In this type of situations so many use to keep calm and taking money their self. But selina didn’t do like that.