On August 2016 Pakisthan team got the first rank in test cricket. Pakisthan has been fighting since so many years to get over the first place. After that the performance of the Pakisthan has been started to fall down slowly.The Bowlers of Pakisthan failed to prove themselves in Test matches

Pakisthan lost the Test series with Australia and fell down to Fifth place from First place and previously it has lost the match with England too. pakisthan lost Six test mathes respectively. Pakisthan Performance in not good in One Day matches too. However they are trying to get bact in to form and also improving their performance.

While Pakisthan fell down to 5th Place India is continuing in the First place with 120 points and Australia is continuing in Second place with 109 points.India is going to play One Day matches from next Sunday and Kohli is the Captain for INdia team. This is the First One Day match with Kohli as the captain